The End of Wild Animals in Film & TV Is Coming

PETA’s new public service announcement (PSA) is narrated by Academy Award–winning actor Adrien Brody and was created by top ad agency BBDO and award-winning computer-generated imagery production company The Mill. This thought-provoking new spot illustrates the tragic lives of animal “actors” and asks viewers to put themselves in the place of great apes. Watch now:

Great apes used in entertainment are taken away from their highly protective mothers at birth and subjected to abusive training methods. When they reach adolescence, around 7 or 8 years old, they become too strong and dangerous to handle safely. After a few short years in the business, most apes are discarded at roadside zoos and other substandard facilities. PETA’s new PSA demonstrates that with today’s technology, filmmakers can feature realistic animal characters in their work without harming a single animal.

Next, take a look at BBDO’s behind-the-scenes video, which explains how the CGI ape was created using The Mill’s cutting-edge methods:

You can learn about BBDO’s unique way of ensuring that chimpanzees and other apes are never used in the company’s work by watching its creative autocorrect video.

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